We have been able to position ourselves among the leading schools in Goregaon through our offered quality school education and world-class infrastructure facilities. Our institution has been appreciated for over the years by numerous parents owing to our excellent services and strict discipline level. The three storeyed building with basement provides an exemplary ambience for different kinds of activities. The school provides state of the art infrastructure and amenities supported by the commitment and experience of the management. The building accommodates spacious and well ventilated classrooms,seminar halls, activity halls, a huge library with collection of more than 25000 books, career counseling room and state of the art fully equipped latest separate science lab & computer lab.

For our little tiny-tots the infrastructure also comprises of separate nurseries for transforming their innocent childhood into a wonderland of innovation and exploration. Sports playground and activities are an integral part of the school campus. We offer a wide range of choices and opportunities for both individual and group experiences, as well as for the development of life long skills and interest. Students select from as list of choices when they register for classes each term. Our school seeks to cultivate a sense of National Responsibility through its efforts to develop physical education a base for betterment of future generation.

School Campus

Welcome to Jawahar Vidyalaya High School, the school is affiliated to the  S.S.C Board We opened our doors for the first time in 1948.. The School is composed of an ethnically diverse student population of our country and we find that diversity to be a source of great richness in our students’ educational experience. We continuously try to identify ways to improve student learning as measured on the high stakes standardized assessments mandated by the S.S.C Board, and a school-wide effort was implemented. At that time we implemented a new vision that drives our efforts: Focus on the data, Believe all students can learn, Commit to making it happen, and Achieve academic success. Our faculty and staff have made a commitment to provide high-level academic experiences, career preparation, and character growth opportunities to all of our students. In addition to our academic success, the students at Jawahar Vidyalaya High  School are proud of their many victories and championships on the athletic field, of our award-winning music program, as well as of the many clubs and community service organizations on our campus. Academic rigor and co-curricular participation make for well-rounded young people ready to become productive members of society. At Jawahar Vidyalaya , we have students who have accepted the challenge and who are achieving success. We are proud of what we have become, of the role we play in our community, and the way we are helping to shape the future.


Our school library exists to provide a range of learning opportunities for both large and small groups as well as individuals with a focus on intellectual content, information literacy, and the learner. In addition to classroom visits with collaborating teachers, the school library also serves as a place for students to do independent work, use computers, equipment and research materials; to host special events such as author visits and book clubs; and for tutoring and testing. The School library is equipped with a collection of over 15000 books to choose from where a student can borrow books for a week’s time on the cards issued to them.

Art and Craft

The school has a very well decorated and an excellent art and craft department so that students feel comfortable to express their creative sense through their work. Apart from this our students have won major art competitions at international, national and state level. The Fine Art room provides a perfect ambience to the students to enhance their aesthetic skills..


Indoor Sports Room

The Indoor sports room is a spacious Hall comprising a separate Table Tennis. The Hall also caters to playing other indoor games like Carom, Chess, etc.


True to our name, our classrooms are inspired by the  vibrant colours. Vividly colorful walls inspire independent thought and creativity. Interactive whiteboards, projectors and learning software enabled computers add to the interactivity of the lessons being learnt by students.

Science Lab

Spacious, well equipped and organized, it excites the curiousity of our young learners and enriches the scientific temperament.

Physical Education

Health and physical education is a very important part of our curriculum. Regular physical activity is not only essential for healthy growth and development — it can actually boost students’ academic achievement. Younger students can burn off some of their energy, increasing their ability to settle in and focus on their academic work. In adolescents, regular physical activity not only helps to maintain a healthy body weight, but has also been shown to lower levels of anxiety and depression.

Physical, emotional and mental health are key predictors of future quality of life for today’s students. The health and physical education curriculum includes lessons on healthy eating, social and emotional health.

Additional Benefits

Activities offered – Physical Training, Library, Music, Art and Language Development.
Indoor Games – Carrom , Chess.

Students are taken for Educational field visits and Excursions.

Students are offered career counselling for the academic stream / subject options.

Inter school , Intra school competitions, competitive tests at National and International level are conducted.


Safety Measures adobted by Us

We not only care for our students while they are in the school but also while commuting. Special attention is given to complete security of the designed, well- ventilated classrooms with CCTV camera, SMS Service , emergency exits, fire extinguishers, first aid boxes.

Fire extinguishers on every floor & fire fighting equipment cordoning the entire building ensures all- round safety in case of an out break of fire.

Hygienically prepared food and pure- filtered drinking water periodically tested in an authorized laboratory is provided in the school.

Physical, emotional and mental health are key predictors of future quality of life for today’s students. The health and physical education curriculum includes lessons on healthy eating, social and emotional health.