Frequently Asked Questions

Fee Related FAQs

Such Students/Parents/Guardians name are listed under FEES DEFAULTERS LIST (FDL category).

Its is primary duty of the parents and guardians to keep themself update

with the due dates and payments procedure of the fees from class teacher/

school authority from time to time.

Fee policy is duly printed in the calendar and a copy can be obtained on request and necessary payment (if any) from clerk office. Any changes in the fee policy will be duly displayed on the notice board and parents /guardians must check  the same from time to time.


Fee Memo is issued to FDL Students, This is a kind of warning Letter  / memo to students/parents/guardians of FDL student(s) to pay their fees.


The name of the student will be struck of from the register without any prior notice to parents and no further cooperation will be given from school authorities. The student will not be allowed in the school premises.


Fee Memo is issued to FDL Students.


Second Fee Memo is issued , if even on that parents fails to revert back with fees payment, Third and final is issued.However the school authority has right to take strict disciplinary action against the FDL student after giving first memo only.


School has facility for such parents, they need to fill Late Payment  Fee Request (LPFR) Form, available at Clerk office. A Written application along with the LPFR form is to be submitted on time.


Fee Memo contains notice institution  to pay the due amount.

Communication Tree

* Kindly check the notice board for Designated person

* Please note Parents / Guardian can meet during visiting hours only.


At any given point of time if any parents/ guardian /students studying in the school need help / assistance /or wants to request / complainant can know whom to contact with the help of communication tree.


Under such situation you can  contact one level designated person higher to the  person you have contacted .For example :- If a parent has contacted class teacher and he/ she is not satisfied with the class teacher’s response than he/she must contact supervisor/ H.M incharge  and so on (strictly in written only)


Communication tree contains list of designated staff to whom primarily parents/ guardian must contact.


You can contact the staff who is one level higher to the designated staff not appointed.

To know the name of the designated officers check  the notice board near Trustee Office.

Communication Tree

Enquiries You May HavePerson to Contact
Administrative Information regarding

1) Admission.

2) Any complaint of class teacher, subject teacher, any teaching or non teaching staff.
1) Permission to meet the class teacher

2) Permission to meet Admin.

3) Exam Policy.

4) Permission for long leave.
H.M / Supervisor
1) Queries related to syllabus & Exams.

2) Any queries related to your ward.

3) Activity(ies) Detail.
Class Teacher

(refer email Id chart)
IT Information:
1) Queries for Email ID & password.

2) Queries related Syllabus of computer & exam.

3) Registration for Computer Crash Courses.
IT admin
If you need to:
1) Submit any letter to the Management/Administrator/Teaching or Non Teaching staff .

2) Obtain a duplicate Students ID card.

3) Obtain a Bonafide, Leaving certificate, Admission form.

4) Queries related School Uniform etc.

5) Queries related Fees.

6) Any misc. queries.

Holiday List

Jawahar Vidyalaya School, English Medium

List Of Holidays 2016-17
Sr. No. EventsDates/MonthsNo. of Holidays
1Bakri Eid21/07/2021 1
2Parsi New Year16/08/2021 1
3Moharam19/08/2021 1
4Gopalkala31/08/2021 1
5Ganesh Chaturthi10/09/20211
6Gauri Avahan13/09/20211
7Gauri Visarjan 14/09/20211
8Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti02/10/2021 1
9Dassera15/10/2021 1
10Eid-A-Milad 30/10/2021 1
11Diwali Vacation1/11/2021 TO
12Guru Nanak Jayanti19/11/20211
13Ambedkar Jayanti 06/12/2021 1
14Christmas Vacation25/12/2021 TO
15Makarsakrant14/01/2022 1
16Chatrapati Shivaji Jayanti19/02/2022 1
17Mahashivratri01/03/2022 1
18Holi19/03/2022 1
19Gudipadwa02/04/2022 1
20Good Friday15/04/2022 1
21Summer Vacation2/05/2022 to
Note :- Any holidays mentioned above dates are subjected to be changed without prior notice.