Important Information


Our aim is to provide a safe and secure environment for our students, staff and visitors.

All Parents/Visitors need to make an appointment to meet with a member of staff and are expected to come to the security cabinet the main gate ,sign in the Visitor’s book and wear a visitor badge and report to help desk.

Kindly note that the staff has the right to challenge visitors who are not wearing a visitor’s badge.

Lost and Found

The school is not responsible for the loss/misplacement of items.Should any items be lost, parents are required to contact the Help Desk personally within 2 working days of the loss. If the item is not traced ,it will be considered lost. The school will not be liable for the lost item.

Parents Teachers Association Meeting – PTA MEETING

Parents Teacher Association Meeting are scheduled minimum two times in a year.The parents get an opportunity to go through the class work sheets, assessment sheets and other work done by the child in school.All aspects academic and non academic related to the child are discussed during this meeting.

PTA Meeting date will be communicated to the parents through circulars.Parents will be allotted a time slot to meet the teachers.Parents are expected to adhere to their allotted times to avoid causing any kind of inconvenience to themselves and other parents.

Note : It is compulsory that parents attend the PTA Meeting.

Essentials to Be Carried

  • Student ID Card
  • Notebooks
  • School Calendar
  • Notebooks, Textbooks and workbooks.

Medication Emergency

If a student requires the school to administer medication, the parent or guardian must send a written note to the class teacher, giving the name of the prescribed medication, reasons, dosage and duration to be administered, together with the medication. Without this note, any medication brought to the school will not be administered. All medication to be administered must be prescribed by a qualified doctor or physician.

Parents are also responsible for submitting information regarding known medical conditions-including known allergies, and an emergency contact number to the School Administration and Class teacher.

In the event where the parents or guardian cannot be reached during an emergency, the school may send the student to the nearest hospital or doctor for immediate medical observation and treatment at parents cost.

The School will do its best to provide normal medical Aid, but the school will not be held responsible for any accident or mishap beyond its control.

Procedure for Complaint

Dear Parents / Guardians,

Any sort of complaint with school Teaching and Non Teaching Staff (Administrator, Principal, Teacher, Peon etc.) of Jawahar Vidyalaya High School can be submitted strictly in written through

1) via Email (refer email chart)

2) via Clerk Office by submitting your complaint letter on working days between (5:00pm to 6:00pm) and a receipt copy duly signed by the clerk/dispatch department must be obtained.

All such letters will be addressed to the H.M. /Supervisor/Administrator/ The Management (any one)as per the case. All heads are directed by the management to reply / take appropriate action / decision within 7 working days of the receipt of the letter.

Always mention a email id in your letter for receiving earliest reply by us.

Further if the complainant is not satisfied with the reply / action /decision of the respondent(s) , the complainant may contact the Secretary /the management .The complainant must keep the copies of the letter(s) submitted by him/ her and the replies.

Complainant can contact via

1) Email :
2) Mailing Address: Jawahar Vidyalaya High School, M.G Road, Goregaon West, Mumbai-400104.
3) Submitting to the clerk office.

Payment Information

1)  All fees must be paid at fee counter/clerk office of the school.

2) The above fee card is only for quick reference for the school authority. It is always advisable to recheck with the clerk actual record time to time.

3) Parents / Guardian must immediately fill their payment details for quick reference.

4) This fee card cannot be used as prove of fee payment.


Sr. NoEvents Actual DateSchedule DatePrimarySecondary
1World Environment Day05-06-202117-06-2021 N.A
2Fathers Day (Card Making Competition) 20-06-202118-06-2021N.A
3International Yoga Day 21-06-2021 21-06-2021
4World Population Day 11-07-2021 10-07-2021 N.A
5Story Telling Competition25-07-202126-07-2021
6Independence Day 15-08-2021 15-08-2021
7Rakshabandhan Celebration22-08-2021 20-08-2021
8Janmashtmi Celebration 31-08-2021 30-08-2021 N.A
9Teachers Day Celebration05-09-2021 06-09-2021
10Ganpati Making Competition10-09-2021 09-10-2021
11Hindi Divas Celebration 14-09-2021 16-10-2021
12Educational TripDates to be announcedDates to be announced
13Grandparents & Gandhi Jayanti 02-10-202101-10-2021
14Animal Welfare (Skit)04-10-2021 04-10-2021N.A
15Traditional Day Celebration07-10-202109-10-2021
16Rangoli Competition/ Diwali Celebration04-11-2021 01-11-2021
17Sports Day Dates to be announcedDates to be announced
18Childrens Day & World Food Day14-11-2021 15-11-2022
19World Aids Day 01-12-202101-12-2021N.A
20Human Rights Day 10-12-202110-12-2021N.A
21Christmas Celebration25-12-2021 24-12-2021
22Annual Day CelebrationDates to be announced Dates to be announced
23Maths& Science Quiz Competition09-01-2022 10-01-2022
24Kite Making Competition 15-01-2022 14-01-2022 N.A
25Girl Child Day24-01-2022 24-01-2022
26Republic Day Celebration26-01-202226-01-2022
27World Cancer Day04-02-2022 04-02-2022N.A
28Thinking Day22-02-202222-02-2022
29Picnic (Opitional) Dates to be announced Dates to be announced
30Marathi Diwas Celebratio28-02-202225-02-2022
31National Science Day Celebration28-02-202226-02-2022
32General Knowledge SessionLast Saturday of every month Last Saturday of every month