Whom Should I Contact

Enquiries You May HavePerson to Contact
Administrative Information regarding

1) Admission.

2) Any complaint of class teacher, subject teacher, any teaching or non teaching staff.

1) Permission to meet the class teacher

2) Permission to meet Admin.

3) Exam Policy.

4) Permission for long leave.
H.M / Supervisor



1) Queries related to syllabus & Exams.

2) Any queries related to your ward.

3) Activity(ies) Detail.
Class Teacher

(refer email Id chart)
IT Information:
1) Queries for Email ID & password.

2) Queries related Syllabus of computer & exam.

3) Registration for Computer Crash Courses.
IT admin

If you need to:
1) Submit any letter to the Management/Administrator/Teaching or Non Teaching staff .

2) Obtain a duplicate Students ID card.

3) Obtain a Bonafide, Leaving certificate, Admission form.

4) Queries related School Uniform etc.

5) Queries related Fees.

6) Any misc. queries.


Note: Please refer to the email chart for class teacher & other designated staff