Main Framework of School

Main Areas of DisciplineCode of Conduct to be followedConsequences for inappropriate code of conduct
PropertyStudents have to take due care of the school Property.Pay cost to damage done.
Dress CodeStudents must dress in accordance with the school’s uniform policy.Parents notification.
Physical Injury,Bullying, ThreatStudents must not cause any physical injury or threat to any other fellow student.Parents meeting , Expulsion
TheftTheft is a serious crime and is punishable.Replacements of items stolen,warning,if repeated suspension.
Camera/Mobilephones/ RadiosAny electronic goods,other than calculators for the senior students, are not permitted.Warning:Confiscation of item, Possible suspension,if found guilty after repeated warning.
AttendanceStudents must attend all classes regularly.Parents notification suspension of students Expulsion
PunctualityStudents must be punctual and reach the school before the prayers.Warning ,Parent notification Sent home with parent.
Disruptive , Destructive behaviourStudents should not engage in reckless/negligent/ malicious behaviour.Warning ,Suspension, Expulsion.
ExaminationStudent should sincerely attempt project work and examination. Cheating or copying will be condemned.Warning will be awarded, zero in the concerned paper, Parent notification, suspension
Prayer time Silence timeFull concentration is expectedWarning, issue of notice to parents