Information for Bus

Bus Fee Policy

  1. Bus fee has to be paid quarterly along with the School fees.
  2. A penalty which is equivalent to three months bus fee will be levied, if a student opts out of the bus service, during the course of the year (Even if parent is not satisfied with the bus service).Please note that the student will not be allowed to use the Bus service during the period of the penalty and some days as prescribe by the school.
  3. An additional service tax and govt. taxes ( if any ) will be payable  separately.
  4. Bus fees once paid is non- refundable and non-transferable.
  5. Service of mobile app may be charged extra.


Bus Rules and Rehulations

Bus Stops

  1. All students should be at the bus stop at least 10-15 minutes before the scheduled time.
  2. During the first few days of each new school year please be at with anytime variation until bus run smoothly.
  3. Parents are responsible for their children until they have boarded and after they have disembarked from the school bus.
  4. Pre-primary and Primary school children will not be allowed to disembark from the bus unless an adult is present at the bus stop to accompany them. Exceptions can only be made after the parents have provided a written letter/email stating that they will assume full responsibility after the child has disembarked the bus.
  5. If you have made arrangements with a neighbor, friend, other parent, etc. to pick up your child/ children, please inform the Transport authority/ school authority in writing and include a photograph of the person authorized to collect your child/children. The bus driver will be provided with a copy of your letter and the photograph to ensure your child is at all times met by an authorized adult.

Missing the Bus

  1. Students are advised to wait at the bus stop for at least 10 – 15 minutes before the scheduled time, especially during bad weather conditions, before calling the school.
  2. Should a student miss the bus or decide to use public It is the responsibility of the student/parent to inform the school about the late arrival. Parents must be punctual when meeting the bus. Time delays affect.
  3. If a parent fails to meet the bus, the student(s) will remain on the bus.The student will be brought back to school, and the parents will make arrangements to collect the child.

Emergency Closing

  1. In the event of school cancellation due to adverse weather conditions, decisions to halt bus service will be made between the hours of 00 a.m. and 6.30 a.m. (for the Morning shift) or between 10.30 a.m. and 11.00 a.m. (for the afternoon shift) The decision to close the school will be made by the school Authority and is based upon information gathered from  one or all  the    sources like police stations, Education Dept., News and weather forecasts e t c . regarding road conditions.
  2. If information suggests that the majority of students cannot be transported safely to school with the school buses, bus service will be cancelled and the school may remain closed.
  3. Delays are to be expected when weather conditions are poor and the buses are All parents should have very clear contingency plans for  their children in case of delays.
  4. In the event that there is a delay of more than 30 minutes in bus pick-up, parents must have an alternative plan for their child, perhaps to get him/her to school by other means or to have, at the very least, a home to go to where there is adult supervision.
  5. If the weather conditions force the school to cancel the bus service while returning home, parents will have to pick up their children from school.
  6. Under no circumstances are the bus children sent home on their own.
  7. Information concerning school cancellation and delays can be obtained by WhatsApp/ SMS/ E-mail/ calling the school telephone numbers or visiting the school website.
  8. We herewith remind all parents that they are ultimately responsible for deciding whether or not to send their children to school, particularly when conditions are potentially hazardous, no matter what the decision of the school may be.


Misc. Rules

  1. Transport service is an optional service facilities and outsourced by the school for the convenience of it students.
  2. The school bus facility available to the student cannot be expected or demanded as a matter of right. The Transport Department at their own discretion has the right to disallow any student from availing the bus facility.
  3. Students will have to board and alight the school bus at respective stops allotted to them only. The Transport Department reserves the right to allot the stops.
  4. Students while travelling on the school bus must maintain discipline. Any student guilty of misconduct will not be allowed to avail the bus facility. Eating inside the bus is strictly not allowed.
  5. Students need to maintain complete discipline in the school Any kind of bullying, destructive behaviour, abusive language, violence in the bus and arguments, altercation and physical fights with outsiders will lead to immediate termination of the school Transport for the student and necessary disciplinary action will be taken.
  6. A student shall be refused the bus facility is involved in damage to the bus Besides, the damage done will have to be compensated by the student parent.
  7. No Transport facility shall be available for other activities/ events that school may plan on holidays/ vacations.
  8. School has taken utmost care for the safety and convenience of the Any suggestions/ complaint regarding the Transport service is to be made in writing strictly to the Transport Department and the same shall be entertained by the Transport Department only. Generally school management and the school principal or authority shall in noway interfere with the decision taken by the Transport Department what does mole functioning of transport service of the students until and unless School authority me feel so to interfere.
  9. No child will be handed over to an unknown person/ to anyone without the parent ID -card which must be produced at the time of pickup.
  10. School does not promote private Transport. Parents are requested to check the credential of private Transporter before engaging Ensure that female
  11. attendant is available in the private transport throughout. Parents are requested to intimate school in writing about the private Transport, if opted, along with the details, photograph and police verification of the private Transporter. School shall not be any way responsible for the private transport opted by the parent and parents I’ll keep the school indemnified from all claims, liabilities, and shortage of service due to the private Transport.

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