House System

The school has four house structure. The students are allotted one of the 4 houses at the time of admission & they remain in the same throughout their school tenure. The main objectives of the house system is to inculcate a sense of unity and pride. It also develops a sense of collective responsibility that motivates them to try their best to promote their house in all Inter-House competitions.

The four houses are named after four ancient icons who exemplified ‘success’ , ‘dharma’ , ‘sacrifice’ and ‘excellence’.

  • ARJUNA(Red)   :   Who proved that ‘success’ is possible only with
    unflinching dedication and a strong will to learn.
  • KARNA(Blue)   :   Who upheld the ‘dharma’ of commitment to a friend.
  • EKLAVYA(Green)   :   Who symbolized ‘sacrifice’. His love and dedication
    for his teacher is unparallel in history.
  • ABHIMANYU(Yellow)   :   Who proved that ‘excellence’ can be achieved even
    in a short span of time which is indicative of his extraordinary grasping ability.

Each house is headed by a House Captain assisted by Monitor.

The system of Prefectoral – Council, elected by the students managing the four houses helps to develop a spirit of team work and co-ordination.