Guidelines for my Parents

  1. Do not be over protective. Child need to learn the hard way at times.
  2. I like celebrating my birthday, but in a simple manner by wearing casual clothes.
  3. I am required to eat a nutritious snack according to my school food time table so
    that I form proper eating habits.
  4. Help for not forming bad habits, for I depend on you to point them out to me in
    the early stages of my childhood.
  5. Do not be over ambitious of my achievements. Help me up the achievement ladder
    as per my age and capacity.
  6. Be firm with me. I feel protected. Yet, do not make me smaller than I am.
  7. Correct me in private, not in public. I will appreciate it.
  8. f I am a participant, encourage me with proper practice lines, actions and
  9. Set aside time to read with me daily.
  10. Limit my television viewing and monitor my home work.
  11. Co-operate with my teacher and see how I excel.
  12. Please confide in my teacher in case of differences or rifts at home.


  1. Ignorance of rules is not an excuse, especially if your intersection with teachers
    and authority is not courteous.
  2. Ensure that the rules of discipline are strictly followed.
  3. Discipline your child and install good values in him/her.
  4. Punctuality is essential at all times. Getting the student to school on time is an important responsibility of the parent. Hence, you need to install the value of punctuality in the child from a very early
  5. Attend all open house session to address your concern and take teacher’s
  6. Do not disturb the teacher during class You are allowed to meet the teacher before/after school.
  7. Avoid pilgrimages and short trips during school days as assessments are conducted
  8. Do your best to attend functions held in school and never walk out halfway especially after your child’s performance is
  9. Encourage your child to participate in new pursuits and activities.
  10. Get to know your child’s teacher and let your child’s teacher know that you are ready to work together.
  11. Put in your valuable suggestions in the suggestion box near the fee counter.