Fee Related FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q.)1.   What   is   Parents/Guardians   Duty   towards   paying   the   school   fees?
A.) Its is primary duty of the parents and guardians to keep themself update with the due dates and payments procedure of the fees from class teacher/ school authority from time to time.

Q.) 2. What happens if parent/guardian fails to pay the fees on or before due date of a installment month?
A.)Such Students/Parents/Guardians name are listed under FEES DEFAULTERS LIST (FDL category).

Q.)3. What happens to FDL Category students?
A.) Fee Memo is issued to FDL Students.

Q.)4. What is Fee Memo meant for?
A.)Fee Memo is issued to FDL Students, This is a kind of warning Letter / memo to students/parents/guardians of FDL student(s) to pay their fees.

Q.) 5. What is the contents of Fee Memo?
A.) Fee Memo contains notice and important information to pay the due amount. Also parent are ask to visit the school on urgent basis.

Q.) 6. What if after receiving Fee Memo Parent fails to pay the fees as per the or does not visit the school?
A.)Second Fee Memo is issued, if even on that parents fails to revert back with fees payment, Third and final is issued. However the school authority has right to take strict disciplinary action against the FDL student after giving first memo only.

Q.)7. What if Parent fails to pay school fee after third memo due date?
A.) The name of the student will be struck off from the register without any prior notice to parents and no further cooperation will be given from school authorities. The student will not be allowed in the school premises.

Q.) 8. If fees is paid after due date of installment months is there any late fee charges?
A.) Yes, FDL Students need to pay late fee charge.

Q.)9. What if parents are having genuine problem to pay the fees for a particular time/month?
A.) School has facility for such parents, they need to fill Late Payment Fee Request (LPFR) Form, available at Clerk office. A Written application along with the LPFR form is to be submitted on time.

Q.) 10. How will parent come to know about fee policy of the school?
A.) Fee policy is duly printed in the calendar and a copy can be obtained on request and necessary payment (if any) from clerk office. Any changes in the fee policy will be duly displayed on the notice board and parents / guardians must check the same from time to time.