1. Pupils coming to school after school hours on holidays for special class or science practical must come in school uniforms only.
  2. All pupils are expected to be in the school premises at the stroke of the first At the first warning bell, all pupils must move towards their class rooms and assemble there and wait for the next bell which marks the beginning of the day’s first session with prayers.
  3. Pupils coming late should get a permission from the Headmistress/Supervisor before they enter class. Students coming late to school thrice in a   semester   will be sent home the fourth time. Regular school attendance is vitally important to a student’s academic achievement. However, in the event of sudden illness or family emergency student attendance will be excused.
  4. Attendance is taken once and at the beginning of each.
  5. Normally, no pupil will be permitted to leave school for any reason.
  6. Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, disobedience or conduct injurious to the moral tone of the school will justify dismissal.
  7. All pupils are expected to attend School on the reopening day and to be present on the last working day.
  8. Irregular attendance, habitual negligence in work, dishonesty, obscenity in word or act, insubordination, serious misconduct or threats even outside the school are sufficient reasons for dismissal.
  9. Any student who is persistently insubordinate or is repeatedly or willfully mischievous, or is guilty of gross malpractice in connection with an examination or of unauthorized alterations in a marksheet or leaving certificate, or who in the option of the principal, an unwholesome influence on his/her fellow students may be removed from the rolls.
  10. Chewing gum is strictly prohibited in the school premises.
  11. Gifts to teachers and demonstration in their honour are not allowed.
  12. Morning or afternoon shift/division is allotted to students as per convenience of the school. Parents or students cannot demand shift/division of their choice.
  13. Attendance at the following school functions/ extra curricular activities is compulsory-Independence day, Republic Day, Sports Day/ Annual and other school functions/events.
  14. Truancy must be checked by parents.
  15. Pupils are responsible for the safe custody of their books and other belongings. They are strictly directed not to carry cash or wear any ornaments, gadgets etc in the interest of their personal safety. The school cannot make itself responsible for the same.
  16. Running, playing or shouting inside the School compound is prohibited. No pupil shall enter any room other than his/her own class room without When pupils change classes for language periods or other subject, perfect silence should be observed while moving from one class to another.
  17. AT THE END OF THE SCHOOL DAY: There will be three ring to mark the end of the school At the first ring, pupils will collect their books and be ready for prayer, at the second ring, pupils will recite the prayer, after class, at the third ring, pupils will start leaving the class in a single file in a disciplined and orderly manner. The teacher in the class will leave the class last after all pupils have left and after ensuring the class monitors has switched off all the fans and lights and close the door & windows.
  18. Pupils should conduct themselves in a disciplined manner politeness and courtesy of speech and conduct Any type of discourtesy or disrespect to any member of the school staff will be treated severely. Pupils should respect their teachers.
  19. Any damage to school property will have to be made in good working condition by those responsible for the damage. School heads decision shall be final from whom to take money for such purpose.
  20. Every pupil should endeavour to keep up the high tone of the school by excelling in good manners and Hence for the smooth running of the school, no pupil shall bring into the school any article liable to prove a source of disturbance.
  21. A pupil who fails consecutively twice in the same class will have to leave the school.
  22. No student is allowed to leave the classroom without the permission of the teacher or until the class is dispersed.
  23. No student will be exempted from physical training without a doctors Those who are thus excused must go and watch the drill. Disciplinary action will also be taken appropriately.
  24. Report on conduct and application is issued after every test on the result sheet. These reports have to be signed by the parents and returned to the class teacher the next day.
  25. A child suffering from any contagious or infectious diseases will not be allowed to attend the school  without  a  fitness  certificate  from  a However, the permission to attend school lies with the Principal.
  26. No books, newspapers or magazines (except the class text books) shall be brought within the school premises without the permission of the school authorities.
  27. No payments / collections (except School Fees which is informed before the admission and start of every academic year ) for any purpose may be made in the    school   without a   circular is sent asking to do so. Gifts shall not be given to any staff member on any occasion.
  28. Please contact the school office with a change of address and/ or telephone number. It is important to keep the school informed of any changes in case parents need to be contact for emergency or school business reasons.
  29. The attention of parents is invited to the fact that enforcement of regularity in attendance and maintenance of discipline in the school is the responsibility of the school authorities and in all such matters  the decision of the head of the school and the management shall be final.
  30. For information of parents, we quote below extracts from the Secondary School Code Rule 56 relating to“Principles of Discipline” which specifically lays down that the Heads of School should see that the following principles are observed in the institution.
    1. Regularity and implicit obediene are exacted in the school.
    2. Politeness and courtesy of speech and conducts as well as cleanliness of dress in students are inculcated.
    3. Pupils are made to realize that they are responsible to the School Authorities not only for their conduct in the school but also for their general behaviour outside. Any reported or observed objectionable conduct out of the school on the part of the pupils should make them liable to disciplinary action.
    4. Parents are given to understand that they cannot dictate to the managements and that managements have a right to say on what conditions they will admit or retain pupils in their School provided such conditions are in conformity with Instructions and Guidelines laid down by the Education Department and applicable regulatory bodie (If any).
    5. Any pupil who is persistently insubordinate or is repeatedly or wilfully mischievous, or is guilty of gross malpractice in connection with examination or of unauthorized alterations in Leaving Certificates, or who in the opinion of the Head of the School has an unwholesome influence of his/her fellow pupils, may be removed from the rolls.The removal may be temporary or permanent, according to the gravity/ seriousness of the offence.
  31. Every pupil must possess a copy of the School calendar which must be brought daily to the class.
  32. Jawahar Vidyalaya being an English Medium School, speaking in English is compulsory within the School premises and same to practice outside the school.
  33. Students who violate any rule (s) will be asked to leave the school.
  34. All children should be particularly careful not to throw any papers, seeds on the floor in the school premises or in the compound or in public places.