Attendance and Leave

  1. No student who has been absent will be permitted to attend the school without a leave-note from the parent/guardian certifying his/her absence and reason The date of absence must like wise be stated in the Calendar with a signature from the parent/guardian. Any request for leaves/halfday, etc. must be through the Calendar only. Application on pieces of paper will not be accepted. Parents should apply for leave in the prescribed leave record in the calendar. In case of long leave, the Headmistress/ Supervisor should be informed immediately. Failure to bring this note may result in the pupils being sent home.
  2. No leave will be granted for religious ceremonies. No leave for attending marriage will be granted except for close relationships like real brother or Repeated absence for feasts, marriages etc. and will render the pupil liable for removal from their designated rolls.
  3. Student absenting themselves from an examination or test will not be re-examined. Absence from an examination oral or written involves loss of marks for the subjects and this will automatically affect the students grading If the absence is due to serious illness then and application for such that supported with a medical report should be submitted to the principal and an average of the student performance will be calculated.
  4. Students must be present in the school after holidays/vacations on the reopening day of the school. They must also remain present in the school on the last working day of the school, preceding the holidays /vacations. Students who do not report on the reopening day after summer vacation will have to pay the admission fee again or penalty, unless they have a valid and satisfactory reason for the delay or absence(s). Such students will not be allowed to attend school without approval from the Headmistres/Supervisor.
  5. A student who remains absent for more than three days due to ill health will have to furnish a medical certificate for the
  6. The name of the student shall be struck off the rolls if he/she without prior intimation/ satisfactory explanation /serious reason, is absent for more than 10 days. As a rule, such students are not re-admitted. If re-admitted, they will have to pay the admission fee again.
  7. When a student is absent from school it is the responsibility of the parent to inform the class teacher about the absence in Students who have missed the school for  more  than  10  days  of  instruction  will  be considered to have “excessive absences” in the school regardless of the reason for absences, excused or unexcused. In all such cases consequences shall be imposed on the student as well as parents. Parents shall  be  called  to  the school to explain their wards absence and the report card not being generated for the student (as the class teacher does not have enough grades to complete the assessment due to excessive absenteeism).
  8. A Fine of Rs.50/- per day will be payable by the parents for number of days your ward remained absent.
  9. Pupils must attend school regularly and should be punctual. In case of inability to do so, the School authorities must be notified immediately.
  10. If a student fails to appear for any test examination practical project work he or she will be considered as failed in that test examination practical project. No retest for exam will be conducted. If the absence is due to serious illness then and application for such that supported with a medical report should be submitted to the principal and an average of the student performance will be calculated.
  11. Parents should make a request for leave in advance only when they are convinced of its absolute necessity.
  12. If a student is absent moving to illness the student was on return bring a note written by the parents or guardians in case of longer illness i.e. lasting more than one week the principal should  be  informed  and  medical  certificate should be attached.
  13. The school Reserves the right to refuse permission for any leave is it for a prolonged period of time or if it occurs at inappropriate time of the school year.
  14. During school hours no student is allowed to leave the classroom without the permission of teacher or until the class is over. Written permission of the principal is required for the student to leave premises during school hours. A breach of these rules will be viewed seriously.
  15. Parents are requested not to ask your children to  come  back  from  school before the school gets over expect in case of real necessity in which permission should be obtained previously in writing.
  16. It may be noted that children will not be sent home even in an emergency with anyone whom I come to pick them during school hours without  a  return request from the parent or guardian.
  17. Parents are requested to ensure that their children arrived and deed School punctually. Any student who is late in attending schools should bring with him or her a written application for his or her parent Guardian for late attendance strict action will be taken against habitual late commers.
  18. Syllabus covered during the students absence will not be repeated revised unless a valid medical certificate is submitted for the same.