1. Admission is open to all children without any distinction of sex, race, caste,
    creed and social status
  2. The age limit prescribed by the government shall be rigidly adhered to and no
    relaxation in age shall be permitted.
  3. Students should be 6+ yrs. of age as on 1st October 2014 to 31st December
    2015 of the year of admission to Std I.
  4. Admission in all classes is subject to availability of seats.
  5. Students will not be admitted without-the original Leaving Certificate from the
    school last attended. The admission stands provisional, until all the required
    documents specified in the admission form are submitted.
  6. Students belonging to SC/ST/OBC etc. must submit caste certificate.
  7. Students coming from other states or countries have to get the L.C. or T.C
    counter signed by the Education Officer / Embassy for the same. Changing
    from CBSE, ICSE / ANY OTHER BOARD to S.S.C will require permission from
    the Education Department.
  8. The signatory who signs the admission form is considered as the legal
    Parents/Guardian of the child.


  1. If Parent wish to withdraw the admission in middle of the term: than Parents/
    Guardian is required to give application in written well in advance and clear fees
    due for entire academic year.
  2. If Parent wish to withdraw the admission for the next academic year than
    Parents/Guardian need to inform the school authority (in written) before or
    end of the May month of current academic year in which your ward is currently
    studying. Failure to do so LC/BC will be issued only if parents pay all fees for one
    term for coming academic year. Application for school leaving certificate s h o u l d
    reach the school office latest by 31st of May. If informed after 31st May e n t i r e
    fees for the 1st term will be charged. If informed after 4th November entire fees
    till the 2nd term will also be charged.
  3. Every application for a Leaving Certificate should be made in writing by the
    parents, guardian and not by the pupil himself. When applying for the
    Leaving Certificate, Parents/ Guardian are requested to state their reason for
    withdrawing the admission of the pupil.
  4. The Leaving Certificate ,without which a pupil cannot join any other school,
    shall be refused to those who has not paid their fees and other dues
  5. School Character Certificate and other Certificates will be issued only to those
    who leave the School after completing the S. S. C. and if their attendance and
    conduct are satisfactory. This must be taken within a year or else no such
    Certificate will be issued.
  6. Pupils who desire to discontinue studies should take their leaving certificate
    immediately. A fees will be charged if the certificate is taken after one year, and
    if a duplicate if applied for, a prescribe procedure must be followed.