Activities List for Primary & Secondary (Year 2021-2022)

Sr. No.EventsActual DateSchedule DatePrimarySecondary
01World Environment Day05/06/2117/06/21N.A
02Father's Day (Card Making Competition)16/06/2118/06/21N.A
International Yoga Day21/06/2121/06/21
World Population Day11/07/2110/07/21N.A
05Story Telling Competition25/07/2126/07/21
06Independence Day 15/08/2115/08/21
07Rakshabandhan Celebration22/08/2120/08/21N.A
08Janmastmi Celebration31/08/2130/08/21
09Teachers Day Celebration05/09/2106/09/21
10Ganpati Making Competiton10/09/2109/09/21N.A
11Hindi Divas Celebration14/09/2116/09/21
12Educational TripTo be AnnouncedTo be Announced
13Grandparents and Gandhi Jayanti02/10/2101/10/21
14Animal Welfare (Skit)04/10/2104/10/21N.A
15Traditional Day Celebration07/10/2109/10/21
16Rangoli Competition/Diwali Celebration04/11/2101/11/21
17Sports DayTo be AnnouncedTo be Announced
18Children's Day & World Food Day 14/11/2115/11/21
19World Aids Day01/12/2101/12/21N.A
20Human Rights Day 10/12/2110/12/21N.A
21Christmas Day Celebration25/12/2124/12/21
22Annual Day CelebrationTo be AnnouncedTo be Announced
23Maths and Science Quiz Competiton09/01/2210/01/22
24Kite Making Competition 15/01/2214/01/22N.A
25Girl Child Day24/01/2224/01/22
26Republic Day Celebration26/01/2226/01/22
27World Cancer Day04/02/2204/02/22N.A
28Thinking Day22/02/2222/02/22
29Picnic (Opitional)To be AnnouncedTo be Annnounced
30Marathi Diwas Celebration28/02/2225/02/22
31National Science Day Celebration28/02/2226/02/22
32General Knowledge SessionLast Saturday of every monthLast Saturday of every month
  1. Above Dates and Activities can be changed/cancelled without prior intimation.
  2. Intera School Activites are also conducted.
  3. Schedule Date : Date on which school celebrate
  4. N.A : Not Applicable